Absolute Best Way to Flowback

Integrated Heavy Duty Screen System

With laser cut slots or holes, our integrated screen system is the best way to catch trash on flowback operations. The screens are threaded on the O.D. to easily detach from the crossover. This makes it amazingly quick and easy to clean out or replace screens when needed.

Rated for 10,000 or 15,000 CWP

With customizable options, our plugcatchers are rated for 10,000 or 15,000 CWP. Depending on your requirements we can use different styles of crossovers and pup joints to get the solution you need. We test every one of our plugcatchers at time and a half CWP before they ship.

Flow In. Flow Out.

Our standard plugcatcher design flows in at 3” Fig 1502 and flows out at 2” Fig 1502 or 3” fig 1502 to handle normal flowback operations. Customizable design options are available upon request.

No welds on ANY high pressure iron.

With custom pipe clamps and an innovative thread design for the crossover and screen; our plugcatchers have zero welding on all of the high pressure iron. This safety feature prevents micro cracking that is often found in welding heat treated metals.

Skid mounted for easy maneuverability.

Made for fast rig ups and ease of operation, our plugcatchers are mounted on a skid with heavy-duty pipe clamps. With forklift slots designed into the skid, the plugcatcher manifold is easy to load on and off trailers for easy transportation.

FlowValve Signature

Producing a high performing plugcatcher is easier when you have complete control. Every plugcatcher component has the FlowValve signature, from plug valves, tees, crosses, pup joints and crossovers right down to the skid. When we sign off on something, we always stand behind it.