Making Hard Plumbing...EASY


FlowValve tees are widely used in hard plumbing applications. Our tees have an amazing repeatability for overall part length. This reliability makes it easy to hard plumb your red iron. With multiple configurations and sizes, our tees are the best way to wing up.


A cross between precision and performance. With precision hammer unions and the best sealing technology available, our crosses are great for applications where an intersecting flow is needed. Each cross is machined from high alloy forged steel that is heat treated for long lasting performance.

Cushion Ells

Cushion from the male or female. With extra material at the end of the elbow, our cushion ells are designed for extended service life. This feature behaves as a shock absorber, helping combat wear from abrasive slurry used in high pressure pumping.

Sweep 90s

Bent 90 degrees for a smoother flow. With our swivel bending technology, we are able to bend a 90 degree elbow that can be used as an additional option for flowing 90 degrees. Because of their low wear rate and smoother flow, sweep 90s are a very popular choice for flowback operations.

45° Ells

Repeatable bends, repeatable results. Consistency is achieving the same results over and over again. That is what you will see with our 45 degree ells. To bend a part at a 45, you have to have the right parameters in place. We have developed a process that delivers the consistency you can count on.


Change over from one size to another. We offer every combination of crossovers in 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4” Fig 1502 and 4” Fig 1002 connections. We carry an assortment of crossovers in stock, and can make to order with our state of the art machining cells. We also machine special length crossovers on request.


A great way to branch out. Our laterals are frequently used in fracturing manifolds and other high pressure manifolds. Each lateral is machined from U.S. forged, heat treated steel. They are available in 3” Fig 1502, 4” Fig 1502 and 4” Fig 1002 working pressures with custom end connections to fit your needs.