An Infinite Loop

Endless Possibilities

FlowValve hose loops are used in a wide variety of well service applications, such as circulating lines, water lines, discharge lines, well test lines and temporary flow lines. Our hose loops are used most extensively for primary and secondary cementing operations.

A Variety of Options

Different jobs require different solutions, and that is why we offer our hose loops in 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths. This variety of lengths gives you the opportunity to choose the right products for your job.

Forefront of Technology

Implementing an innovative and unique swivel joint technology, FlowValve hose loops can easily move in any lateral direction. The swivel joint used in our hose loops is also used to control vibration and absorb shock. Once you try our hose loops, you will want to use them forever.

More Life Equals More Value

FlowValve hose loops are made from high alloy U.S. steel. Our new advanced material results in better heat treatment and more durable products. With this new material, we have been able to extend the life of our hose loops even further.

Tell Us Why

Why buy hose loops that have undergone a thorough design analysis review?

Why use a product that has been tested at 1½ CWP?

Why rely on a product that simply lasts longer in the field?

Here at FlowValve, we ask, “Why not?”